(Title WIP) Chapter 1 (Part 4)

While walking towards the monster, Traynek calculated the risks of engaging it in combat with the monster.

If I went for a direct attack on that thing, even with the frigate helping me, within 5 minutes that thing would get me, in one gory form or another, from those extremely fast tentacles and crushing me underfoot, not to mention those ‘eye beams’ which look like they could slice me apart in one hit.

I will have to engage it really carefully then…I have to strike when its busy engaging the frigate and when its not looking at me. That thing seems to be sapient and has a fair amount of brainpower…seeing that it could rapidly move all of its tentacles, cast spells and engage the Maylta at the same time…probably even if I and the frigate engaged at the same time, it could still destroy the Maylta and kill me…at least we should be more cautious and hold it off, rather than outright kill it, which would increase our chances at survival.

“Maylta! Any more information on the creature?” He yelled into a communicator he had mounted on his ear.

“Damned thing is really good at creating barriers…after our opening salvo, we haven’t been able to hit it another time, and we are still trying to dodge all of its attacks! Not to mention that carapace it has, its so fricking tough, barely any of our plasma actually burned through it! Also, the Spell Scrambler field it is using as a shield means that we can’t use more powerful spells on it!”

“Got it.”

Running in the shelter of a building, he poured mana into the top of his stave, looked at the creature, and flung the resultant bolt at it.

As expected, it slowly dissolved into nothing as it reached a certain distance from the monster.

Well, seeing that it can disassemble simple spells like those… Traynek flung his hand out at the creature, and his stave begun glowing a second time.

This time, 3 sigils appeared at the location he was pointing at, and begun spinning and interacting with each other, abeit at a slower rate that he was used to.

Must be the SS field…

In a few seconds, a hollow pyramid-shaped construct with a yellow pulsing ball inside had formed at that location, and the ball begun to grow.

After a few moments, Traynek clenched his hand into a fist.

The ball detonated, releasing huge amounts of energy that was redirected by the pyramid-shaped barrier straight into the creature’s armor, creating a jagged round hole with some flesh exposed and blood seeping out.

The monster rocked on its five legs, suddenly letting out a unearthly moan and swiveled its head, causing the two ‘eyes’ to aim at Traynek.

Which Traynek aimed the large dart he had took out from a pocket dimension and placed on the stave’s head, hovering, and fired it at a devastating speed towards the monster’s ‘eye’.

As the dart punctured the ‘eye’ and subsequently the flesh behind it, the monster let out another moan, this time loud enough to rattle some eardrums, and launched all of its tentacles at Traynek,

Whereas Traynek had stepped out of the building, and used magic to launch himself into the sky, leaving a sizable hole created by the monster.

At this point, Traynek begun orbiting the monster, avoiding its more frenzied attacks while tapping into his communicator, while remembering what happened when he was attempting to lead Alexander to safety.

Almost all the magic that was being casted by the monster coincided with a tentacle tip lighting up at the same time…

“Maytla! I need you to get rid of some of those tentacles! I believe that’s how the thing is casting spells!”

“Roger that, Specialist.”

Traynek sped up attempted to cast another spell. Again, seeing I’m inside the SS field now, I won’t be able to use normal forms of attack… At the same time, a sigil appeared at the top of the stave, and this time, a projection formed, and then solidified…into a large blade, at least 2m long.

“Specialist! Are you attempting close combat?”

“I am, seeing that the creature is at a frenzied state and is currently inflicting damage to the environment, I believe its for the best to try reducing its combat capacity before the actual hunters arrive. I think that, even if may not be able to kill it outright, we can at least damage it.”

“Got it. We will move to the sidelines and attempt to cut the tentacles away with lasers. We will leave it up to you to hold off its attacks. And if there’s collateral damage, we are leaving to the Readjustment Teams to clean it up. ” After that, the Maytla flew away to the far distance, and within 3 seconds, 2 red beams of light sliced through one of the creature’s tentacles.

As a large tentacle crashed onto the ground, this time, the creature directly screamed, blasting a wave of sound that would have knocked Traynek to the ground if he had not been careful enough to instinctively raise a shield when the sound blast came.

Before he had regained his senses, a stray tentacle whacked him into the side of a building.

Despite the force of his was knocked away, runes had appeared on his clothes the moment he was knocked against, and absorbed the force of the blow. Traynek shook his head to regain his thoughts, only to see 4 tentacles aiming straight for him-

-which were all sliced apart by 2 laser beams, fired from the left side of his view.

Quickly, he jumped out, dodging past the the mass of tentacles coming for him, flew upwards, reactivated the absurdly long blade on his stave, and aimed downwards at the tentacles he had dodged, and swung the stave.

The mass of tentacles split apart in a explosion of blood and gore.

By now, the monster was down to 8 tentacles, having lost much of them already to the Maylta’s strikes, as well as Traynek’s previous attacks, and was aiming at them wildly with it’s final ‘eye’, and trying to get them with spells indirectly casted by it’s tentacles.

Even as both Traynek and the Maylta were still running rings around the monster, a countdown timer in the Maylta’s bridge reached its end.

Hearing it, the crew breathed a sigh of relief.

“Anytime now…”

Suddenly, 3 large sigils formed in the sky, spinning wildly.

After a few seconds, they flashed, and 3 large shapes appeared in the sky.

Each were painted red and black, in a way signifying their importance, and were all at least 3 times as big as the Maytla.

The Hunters.

“Apologies’, Maylta, and Specialist Traynek. We needed a while to mobilise, seeing how much of our teams were conducting their own exercises.”

“Got that, Revenant. We have already eliminated most of this creature’s defenses…main problem is, none of us have equipment that can reliably pierce the creature’s armor, which is extremely thick and tough, and was able to block a concentrated Blast spell.”

“So other than that SS field, extremely thick armor, that ‘eye’ beam, and a few remaining tentacles, it has no other defenses?”

“Confirmed, sir.”

“Alright, all ships to use Discomposition to tear apart the thing’s armor, and then directly bombard it. Looks like there will be no need to deploy any ground teams.”

The 3 ships swiftly begun moving into position, surrounding the monster and then aiming at it directly.

The front of the ships split into 3 parts, and the panels yawed open, revealing a large device, with extended sharp, long, pieces of metal surrounding and a cannon-like pod in the middle. The pods begun spinning up, and the metallic parts begun to glow, split apart with each part extending out in a different way.


A white beam slowly extended from the spinning pod, and when it touched the creature, the carapace slowly begun to simply dissolve and break apart under the beam, and as it begun to tear apart the creature’s flesh, it reacted by attempting to block the beam in lieu of a shield, but before it could even cast it, Traynek had already started slicing apart the offending tentacles.

The creature frantically attempted to strike back with it’s remaining ‘eye’, but unfortunately, each time it hit one of the Hunter’s ships, it simply touched a hardened shield, dealing little damage.

Soon, the monster was utterly defenseless as all its tentacles had been sliced apart by Traynek and the Maylta working in tandem, and the Decomposition beams had cut away huge chunks of the creature’s armor.

“Switch to missiles. Designation: Fire, Explosive. Target creature at areas that will minimise collateral.”

On the sides of the ships, panels opened and several ports opened, and several ‘wings’ appeared out of the floating war machines, holding weapons that looked like a cross between a rocker launcher and a large cannon.

Targeting sigils lit up on the creature, aimed exactly to deal the most damage.

Out of the strange weapons, a massive hail of red and yellow flew out, flying straight for the sigils.

As they collided with the monster, they exploded, spewing heat and flames all around, burning and boiling away the flesh of it. The monster desperately attempted to retaliate, but with its defenses gone, it begun wailing as its other eye was blown away. It blindly attempted escape, but with a shot at its legs brought it down, making it helpless.

The downpour of missiles continued.

“No life signs detected! Stop the attacks!”

In the remaining cloud of smoke, all that was left was a hollow skeleton.

As the skeleton begun to tumble, one of the ships came closer, and the monster’s remains were lifted to the sky.

“Commence clean-up operations. Check for any unnatural life-signs around the area. Specialist, Maylta, please return to the nearest station for a debriefing.”

“Roger that, Revenant.

“Hang on, I need to pickup someon-”

“They have already arranged it.”

They are fast… “Got it.”


In his safe haven located off the battlefield, Alexander had been watching the battle with great excitement, completely overwhelmed by what had been shown.

“Wow…flying ships with transformable parts…massive use of magic…I guess they are technowizards…or something like that? Advanced magic and technology…” He said to himself.

“Enjoyed your front row, super-high definition view of a action scene Hollywood will never be able to match?”

Alexander quickly swirled around. Two people were standing behind him, a man and a woman. “Oh, and we got here by another teleportation spell, coordinates kindly provided by Traynek, just if you were wondering.”

Normally, Alexander would have questioned the credibility of that statement, but this time, having seen all that happen earlier, he was already beyond convinced.

“So…what are you here?”

“Oh? To take you back to one of our ‘bases’.” The woman answered this time.

“You guys are going to check me, and try to do some wishy-washy magic on me, to prevent any leakage of your existences?”

“Rather fast are you? Well, its standard procedure.”

At that point, Alexander felt uncertain again. “Ummm.., what about my stuff?”

“When the clean-up comes across it, we will get it to you.”

Part of him told him he was in a big mess, namely that his schedule had been compromised, he was going to face whoever important person about ending up in a place he wasn’t meant to.

But he was also excited, being in a world where he thought would only exist in his escapes from reality.

“I’m coming.”

Author’s Note


Well, this is the end of the first chapter of this series, and its looking good! (Yeah right…sorry, I’m bad at action scenes)

Well, this update took a while to come, with my schedule and clean up I was doing. Not to mention new school year…

Well, so what is this series? It’s a YA series, sure…but unfortunately, its a deconstruction.

This series will not have regular updates, for sure, and the next one will be delayed, for sure.

But however, this is a universe I’m creating, so there will be interesting stuff to see all the time!

Please be patient.



(Title WIP) Chapter 1 (Part 3)

In the sky some distance away from the monstrosity, a shape materialised in the sky.

A frame appeared first, followed by colour flooding the entire shape in colours of white and gray, and a series of Spells stabilized the entire thing before disappearing.

What now could be seen was something like a flying brick, the front half thicker than the back half, and the back half having 4 curved shield-like structures extending diagonally away from it, with numerous sigils around it, presumably to help stabalize the entire thing while floating.

“Decloaking successful, sir! We can finally use all our scanning equipment!”

“Excellent. Scan the monster’s current use of spells. Check what’s that basterd using for a shield!”

Furious typing on keyboard commenced.

“Sir! We have checked the creature’s shield. It’s apparently using a Spell Scrambler field for a shield, and is apparently using similar spells for its attacks.”

“A unorthodox method… Alright, increase this ship’s altitude to high above the residential blocks. We can’t risk more damage being done to the area.”

The ship stood silently for a few moments as the monster stared at it, as if surveying its would be attacks and movements. Suddenly, a blue sigil appeared, surrounding the entire ship, and it begun rising slowly into the sky.

The creature still continued surveying it, now ignoring all its other would-be victims as they continued retreating.

The ship then stopped in the air.

“Activate the main guns, and prepare to use Plasma Strike spells to take down that thing.”

The front of the ship split into half, and two long blocks encased with metal with a crystal mounted at their tips slid out.

Around the main guns, sigils appeared, and begun spinning and moving up and down the blocks. At the same time, a white orb begun forming in front of the crystals, and begun growing.


The ship tilted to face the monster, and the orb, had parts of it drawn away and launched at the monster.

As bolts of superheated plasma flew at the creature, it realised its mistake, and quickly put up a solid barrier to attempt to block the shots, but due to the guns high rate of fire, it failed to block at least 10 of the shots frrom getting through.

The plasma splashed on the carapace of the the creature, it slowly begun melting holes in it,

The ship, seeing that the monster had constructed countermeasures to protect itself from the attacks, begun to fly sideways to allow its attacks to get past the series of barriers the monster was constructing to protect itself.

At this point, the monster had visibly been enraged.

The crabshell-like thing it had for a top, begun to rise at least half a metre, with ‘tentacles’ holding it up. The ‘eyes’ of the thing begun to glow, and as sigils formed around them, they fired out beams constructed out of energy at the ship.

The ship deftly dodged the beams and attempted a second pass with its guns.

Soon both the ship was engaged in a battle of cat and mouse, with the monster attempting to get at the ship with its tentacles and beams while defending itself, and the ship flying around dodging all forms of attacks while attempting to get good shots on the monster.


Meanwhile, on the ground, two youths could be seen running on across the ground.

The leading one, Traynek, had taken out a stave, at least 1.6m long, complete with a number of magical symbols drawn all around it, and a head of entwining metal.

The follower, Alexander, was busy lugging his items along, huffing and puffing while attempting to keep with the quick pace of Traynek, as they were dodging past walls and cover, watching the monster as it attempted to duel with the ship.

“They begun attacking early…” Traynek muttered to himself as they were moving.

Alexander ignored him. Still so many questions were rebounding inside his skull, and yet they could not be answered at this phase. Right now, he had seen the monster’s butchered victims, and was half sickened by the act, and also half mystified by a strange creature. Right now however, he had bigger concerns. Best to find a way out of this clusterfuck before asking questions, he thought.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice Traynek was calling him until he was pulled by the collar behind a pillar.

“Ow! Hey…”

“Listen. It seems like that thing has noticed us.”

“Oh…That’s a bad thing, right?”

“Well it is, because it would attack anytime so-”


Above them, they could see a large tentacle embed itself above their heads.

“MOVE!” Traynek pushed Alexander out of the way and started darting away. Already, the tentacle was beginning to retract.

“Dump your stuff at a corner for now!” Quickly, Alexander followed his order and started chasing after him.

Not a moment too soon, for at least 3 tentacles had punctured where they were originally hiding. Alexander, surprised and shocked at the sudden attack, increased his pace to keep up with Traynek.

As they ran through the apartment blocks, the monster attacked them relentlessly, targeting them with its tentacles and using a series of spells to try blocking their progress, by deploying barriers repeatedly in an attempt to stop them, or blowing up their pathways right infront of them.

Just then, one of these blasts caught a exhausted Alexander in the back.

Before Traynek realised his mistake, Alexander was already knocked onto the floor, his body convulsing madly.

“Shit…why didn’t I deploy a shield around him?” Traynek ran to Alexander’s side, but not before inplanting his stave in the ground, which then deployed a sphere-like barrier around the both of them.

“HEY ALEXANDER!! Stop gibbering alread- wait, don’t tell me-”

At that point, Alexander suddenly looked up back at him, his eyes flashing with light madly, and his left hand starting to glow.




Pain. What could he see?

In his visions, pictures flashed.

Pictures of creatures, people.

Sounds of things heard, and unheard.

Raging emotions.

The feeling of fantasy, and the ecstasy of realisation.

All this while undergoing massive pain.

As the youth’s body encountered magic, it begun to slowly activate his dormant circuits and flow throughout his body, causing the youth to be helpless as he struggled against the forceful flow of mana which was flooding his body. And yet, he could not scream, as none of his nerves responded to his orders.

Hot, angry…and painful.

And it slowly stabilized, his vision slowly returned. But instead of the battle he was in, he saw a vision. 

Massive sigils spiraled all around him, causing him to look around in his location, a massive void.

Old thoughts started haunting him again, questioning his self-worth. His reality. Whether he had deserved this strange world he was about to step into. Its risks and his fate in it. 

Would he survive his transition?

At the same time, a image of a screaming, black clad man flashed across several times.

seeing that, his fears came back to him. And yet, he walked forward.

But before he could continue this self-encounter with himself…reality returned.


“Gaahh…” Alexander let out a moan as he was looking at Traynek.

Despite his return back from that state, he still wasn’t able to make any of his muscles move, and still was convulsing from the pain that was racking through his body.

Meanwhile, in his eyes, strange symbols was dancing in his vision, slowly illuminating, highlighting several objects in the distance…

And all of a sudden, the pain receded, and his bodily functions were restored.

“Haa…haa…” Alexander gasped for air while he wondered what had happened to him.

“Hey…what was that…was that because I got hit?”

Meanwhile Traynek was looking at him in shock.

A Magus Activation Sequence done so easily…and in such a small amount of time…


Both of them looked to the left, to see a attempt by the creature to penetrate the barrier. Already many tentacles were aiming for the barrier.

Traynek snapped back to attention. “Hey, you can walk, right?”


Alexander surprised himself by actually getting to his feet. Shouldn’t I be already half dead…

“Let’s move!” Traynek made his stave fly to his hand, and the both of them begin running.

They narrowly dodged the multitudes of tentacles that smashed into the area that they had just vacated.

“The evacuation point they had setup for the main fighters is up ahead…lets see whether it is still active!”

“Wait, you mean there were people fighting this thing already?!?”

Traynek pursed his lips. How do I explain this… “We had trainees part of a training exercise to get rid of a smaller creature, but after they had completed it, this thing…apparently teleported into there, and caused this big mess.” He suddenly slammed Alexander to a wall, narrowly dodging a tentacle that was acting like a scythe.

“Guhh…ow..Then what are you doing here?”

“I will explain when we get to the evac site…”


On top of one of the smaller buildings, Traynek cursed as he looked at the sigil. It had been smashed by the creature, judging from the multitudes of holes all around it.

“Damn thing was smart enough to think ahead…”

Meanwhile Alexander stood at the side looking at the sigil. Strangely, the moment he had looked at it, a white outline of a complete sigil had traced over it. Alexander had taken off his glasses a few times, and looked away from the thing several times, yet the outline would appear almost instantaneously the moment he looked at the whole sigil. I guess its just magic…

“Dammit…Alexander, can you sit here for now?”

“Huh, why?”

“You see this sigil, right? This is actually a teleportation sigil, but the creature has smashed it…so I need you to wait here because I’ve got something to do.”

“Huh? Ok, but what you’ve to do?”

“Keep that thing at bay, until reinforcements arrive.”

“WHAT!? But didn’t you say-”

“There’s ‘Specialist’ in my name for a reason.”

Hearing that, Alexander, offered no answer, and simply sat down with a ‘ok’.

Traynek held out his stave and pointed it at the ground. The top begun glowing, and a series of sigils begun surrounding Alexander.

After a few moments, a shield surrounded Alexander, and at the same time concealed his presence.

Traynek then jumped off the building, using magic to slow his fall.


The frigate made its 39th pass around the creature, firing its guns again.

The creature blocked it with another barrier, and one of its tentacles smacked the underside of the ship, only hitting a shield.

And in the bridge:

“This is Specialist Traynek, moving in for support.”


On the ground, Traynek ran towards the monster, the top of his stave already shining with light.

(Title WIP) Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Chapter 1, Part 2

“Whats…that?” One of the technicians on the command post spoke after a while. The smoke from the explosion was still obscuring the shape.

His comment drove the entire place back into action. Shouting, small pockets of panic, as well as rushing, moving staff, the usual forms of activity, resumed as they attempted to identify the threat.

“Is the Readjustment Barrier still up?’

“Yes. Currently, it has not been breached and the contents of the area have not yet been revealed. Its effect are still working.”

Meanwhile, back at the site, the teams had adapted a defensive position as they watched the giant shape twist and turn, illuminated by the madly dancing beams and arcs of mana that was surrounding it.

Soon, the spells had completed what they were meant to do, and the sigils, again slowly faded away along with the smoke.

As the smoke cleared, the was a collective gasp among the recruits.

What now stood in the remains of the building and what was originally the Glarkon’s corpse, was now a 7m tall monstrous entity that looked that it had come out of a cosmic horror story.

The…thing had 5 gigantic, fleshy and heavily carapaced spider-like legs, which served to support a body that was at look like the cross between a squid’s upper body and a crab’s shell.

As the recruits continued staring at the monster, two orbs lit up in its body, presumably its eyes.

At this point, one of them begun losing control.

That fighter threw out a spell, which activated on one of the broken walls, bringing a blue sigil to existence, which then fired multiple ice-like shards at the monster, which then detonated on a once-invisible shield that created by the monstrous being.

That drove the others to action.

“Teams 6, 7 and 8! Attack that creature with everything you have! Use whatever you can get out of your systems!”

The teams outside begun casting different spells, that when activated, fired salvos of missiles, machine-gun-like rates of bolts, as powerful blasts smashed unrelentingly into the shield.


“Instructor! No damage detected on the creature’s shield!”

“Shit…Get the teams to the extraction points! And whats the status on the Hunters?

“The Hunters will get here in 15 mins, Sir! Other nearby resources are being assembled, but we will have to give them time!”

“How about a Specialist Fireteam? Isn’t there supposed to be one nearby?”

“A Specialist has confirmed he is on the way, but then he needs…another 5 mins!”

“Dammit…status on the recruits?”

“Some of Teams 1, 2 and 3 have suffered minor injuries-”

“Sir! The unidentified creature has started moving!”

“What is it doing now?”


As the trainees begun their retreat begun to vacate the ruined building, the monster begun its assault.

On the side of its body, two holes yawed open, and a tentacle like appendage stretched out from each one, with a sharp point on each tentacle.

Each tentacle then flew at a trainee at lightning speed.

Actually, each recruit’s armor, despite looking simple and common, actually had a series of sigils and runes that would defend against enemy attacks by keeping a passive barrier around each piece of clothing, which could absorb the brunt of any damage inflicted, reducing it into simple knocks and bashes. However, it was not so effective against sharp objects due to the higher amount of pressure a sharp point could inflict, and also, it was a really simple spell that could be overloaded easily.

The sharp, jagged point of the tentacles glowed fiercely yellow with magic, and hit the recruit.

Upon touching the barrier, the magic contained in the tip begun to blast apart the barrier’s underlying spell in a heartbeat, and the sharp point continued undeterred, stabbing the recruit and impaling him through.

The same happened to the second recruit, and both of them, writhing and screaming in pain, were lifted into the air by the monster.

After hearing the two scream, the rest of the retreating party turned around and had a good look at the gruesome sight of their two comrades slowly, but surely bleeding to death on a spiked tentacle.

As they watched, the monster slowly exposed more of those tentacles, 6. 7, no 8 of them…

While the more confused and shocked trainees begun to scramble like headless chickens, some of the more initiative trainees begun to fire their weapons and attempt to use magic to drive of the creature’s attacks.

Those attacks simply bounced off its shield, and the creature retaliated by strike 5 of the combatants with tentacles.

Similarly, the support teams who had been gaining a little success with their attacks were also targeted by that creature.

Another tentacle, this time, rose into the sky, and its tip suddenly split into 3 parts.

A sigil appeared on above it, and the tentacle turned to face the support teams.

Suddenly, sigils surrounded the support teams combatants, all of them collapsed onto the surface they were on, held into place by magic.

They could only watch as their fellow teammates were lowly picked off one by one, unable to help.

What had been originally a simple training/practice mission-

-was now turning into a disaster.


At the same time, the 15 year old youth continued on, unknowing of what was happening ahead of him.

While walking, a series of thoughts continued in his mind. starting of which was the disturbing occurrence that he had witnessed.

“What was that? I mean,  unless there was some parade or weird thing going on, no crowd would walk in such a coordinated manner? Not to mention, they simply left behind all their stuff and ran off…is there some sort of an evacuation?’

“No…none of the alarms sounded, did they? I’m sure this isn’t some form of an city-wide emergency I need to be aware of or careful of…”

One part of his mind was screaming at him to get right out of the place and look for a area to hide out.

Another part, however, was telling him to stay and find out what was…’weird’ with the place.

In the end, however…

“There’s nothing dangerous here…yet. I will just continue on and look around… I mean, whats the worst thing that could happen?”

As he continued on, he entered a residential block, only to find it devoid of life.

Puzzled,he started looking through the a-

Suddenly, in the distance, a explosion occurred.

“What the hell was that?!?” He yelled.

As a large plume of smoke rose into the air, he yelled out vulgarities in shock.

And as he moved closer unconsciously…

“Oh my god…what is that?”

He saw the monstrous shape standing inside the smoke, standing high in the sky…

And the magic that assaulted it.

As he watched, bolts, beams and all forms of missiles, constructed out of light, flew at the monstrous being, hitting a shield and fizzling themselves out.

And the creature retaliating with its tentacles…

The youth simply stood there, watching wonders and horrors appear and disappear in front of him as many ridiculous thoughts ran through his head.

Whats that? Is that magic? If so, how is it cast? And if there;s magic, there are wizards too, right? And if there are really wizards around, how do they keep hidden? And…WHAT ABOUT THAT….THING?!

However, before he could answer any of his own questions, he was suddenly tackled from behind, causing him to drop his stuff and cause the entire area to be scatted with his stuff.

As he was struggling on the floor, attempting to get whoever was on him off, he heard a clink and a hum.

“Have you told anyone?”

Told what? As he scrambled to find a answer, he unconsciously said, “N..n…no.”, still in shocked from the sudden takedown he was subjected to.

“Good. Get up.” The voice was male, sounding both mature and young at the same time, and fierce at this point.

As he scrambled to his feet, he had a good look at his attacker whose back was facing him now. Apparently he was around the same height as him,,. and was wearing something…a cloak? Despite his mind being in a clear state and this point, he was disoriented by the fact that the day had swerved so suddenly…Magic…needless to say, discovering something that normally always existed in books, movies and games was not having the best effect on him.

He could hear his attacker speak, and saw him holding a phone and talking.

“Yes…I’m on site already…apologies, I just found a straggler…Yes, he most likely got through the Readjustment Barrier…Yes, its problematic, but we have no choice, but get them here too…also, any other reinforcements?…ok, got it, I will have to hold it off for awhile…understood. Specialist Traynek out.” He then stowed the phone away by sticking it inside his cloak.

The…Specialist turned around and looked at the youth. Looking at his face, and body structure, he seemed like a well-aged 18-19 years old, with a clean shaven face with a kind of serious look on it. He asked, “What’s your name?”

The youth replied nervously, “A…Alexander.”

“Ok. Alexander. For now you can call me Traynek. You see that thing in the distance? That’s a danger now, and I’m going to br-”

“Bu..u..u..t…t…er…wait! Can you explain what is going on? I me-”

Traynek walked at him, and said,”Any questions, later. That thing in the distance is extremely dangerous, and we lost people fighting it. So we need to get to safety, now.”


“Good. Pick up your stuff, and lets move.”


“Sir, the unidentified creature is starting to move!”

“Anyone onsite except for the Specialist?”

“Only us, sir!”

“Decloak this cruiser.”


“We have no choice!” Until the reinforcements arrive, we will have to stop it from getting out of the Barrier.”


“Understood, sir. Crusier Talma will begin decloaking.”



At a distance from the monster, a shape begun materialising.

Author’s Note


Thanks for reading.

(Title WIP) Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Hey, you have read YA fiction fight?

You know, stories about kids becoming heroes after finding a fantasy?

And then saving the world from aliens, devils, evil?

How true is that?

When one finds a fantasy, does it means it automatically becomes a place where the ‘hero’ is the good one, will make all kinds of ‘friends’, and defeat evil?

Not really. The fact is, once one enters a fantasy, that ‘fantasy’ then becomes ‘reality’. And ‘reality’ has all of those problems-death, suffering, rejection, hate, etc. etc. These problems never go away just because one enters a fantasy, how we wish that is true, but it isn’t…


This story, has the same opening: youth finds a fantasy- -but does not become a hero.

In fact, there are no villains to fight.

There are demons to fight, but they are not true ‘demons’… What is there to fight?


Instead, one has to face and realise the fact that problems, are not solved by running into a fantasy…

They have to be dealt with, just like in reality…

I found a fantasy through my suffering,

And I will pay the price to live in it through my pain.

A hot swealtering sun, hot enough to bring discomfort to the strongest man, shone high in the sky.

A single boy, 15 years old, 1.80m tall and definitely not in the fittest condition, walked under this painful heat, dressed in a smart looking white shirt and long dark blue pants.

Normally, the youth would be groaning under such a heat, especially when the heat was accompanied with two large bags of textbooks he had to carry the way home, but in this case, relief was standing out on the youth’s face, particularly by the fact that he had managed to get away from a verbal thrashing given out by some of the teachers, and also by the fact that the end-of-year holidays were coming.

“Haha, I wonder, how the rest are feeling…” At the same time, either out of a spot of bad luck or an overzealous form of karma, one of the plastic bag’s handles snapped, and at least 5kg of books dropped on his right foot.

“Gah…dammit…” Muttering to himself, the boy attempted to pick up the same bag on books. Hoisting it up again, he continued his way home.


“Creature detected, status……confirmed, creature is currently dormant.”

“All right, signal to the Training Corps that they can soon begin their training exercise. Readjustment Team, have you set up the Confusion Barrier?”

“Confusion Barrier has been set up. 3…2…1…activate.”

At the same time, a circle, entwined with runes and symbols and with a radius spanning several buildings glowed, yet unseen by normal eyes.


Suddenly, the boy felt a shock run through his entire body.

Huh? Wha- Looking around, he simply saw people doing their own business. Shopkeepers peddling their wares, others sitting down at cafes to drink, and-

Almost all as one, irregularily regular, stood up. Most of them begun walking in the same general direction, some even forgetting to take up their belongings. Some of the more disoriented people even walked facefirst into walls, shrugged it off, and rebegun walking.

The boy, suddenly plunged into what could be called a sea of madness, was bewildered. Why were all those people suddenly dropping all their things and walking off? Its not making any sense!

….then, what could it be? What was originally bewilderment, was now morbid curiosity. The boy, feeling as if he had grasped the edge of an unknown world, continued on unpertrubed.

“All right! Begin sorting yourselves out!” A loud, male voice barked over the heads of a number of younger acolytes.

These younger ones were all wearing assorted forms of armour, all emblazoned with numerous strange sigils, marks and runes, all fidgeting anxiously and nervously.

“What you guys are about to face is a Glarkon, a creature, 3.5m tall, with minimal magic abilties and powers, in other words, a really big fat jock. So, the main objective of this exercise, is to see how well you guys can coordinate and work together as a team to restrain that Glarkon, seeing how friggin big it is. And, seeing that we are in what was a populated area, now not so temporaily thanks to the Readjustment teams, you are not to cause damage to the surrounding enviroment, or allow the Glarkon to do so. Alright?”

Nobody raised their hands in response.

“Good. Now, prepare for mass teleport! Remember where you guys are supposed to go, or you people will get it!”

The assembled group of people, ranging from the ages of nineteen to twenty-something, begun moving and grouping up on a series of marble platforms.

A large sigil lit up on each of the platforms, and flared once, illuminating the occupants of the platforms, and they were gone.

Moments later, in the middle of a residental area, sigils suddenly begun glowing and those acolytes begun appearing at their assigned spots.

As soon as each of them begun appearing, their eyes begun glowing.

However, that was how it would seem to others watching. In reality, they each had contact lens in both eyes which had another pernament sigil drawn on them, which acted as some sort of monitor for all of them, displaying estenial combat information to each user from a computer.

After checking through their weaponry and gear, the teams begun sorting themselves, with some heading to the rooftops, using magic to reach them, some staying behind as support, and the rest moving ahead slowly. Soon, it became clear that they were surrounding a warehouse looking structure. The structure was actually a storage point for garbage and rubbish thrown from the residental blocks, and a place for the garbage trucks to pick up said rubbish, thankfully located away from the actual residental areas itself, allowing for the mages to quickly rid the place of whatever that was hiding inside the place.

Soon. they had surrounded the entire structure, with the support teams aiming weapons at the exit areas or preparing for any sudden assault, while the main and forward teams begun entering the large gaping door of the building.

As they carefully strode inside, small flashlights mounted on their helmets begun to illuminate the interior of the building, and soon the beams landed on a dormant, but obvious shape of an otherworldly creature.

Normally, this would be another shape among others, but thanks to the information and data relayed to them through the lens, information was shown and highlighted the creature, making it easier to spot.

Each of them held up the weapons in their hands-now revealed to be Assault Rifles, but with strange glowing markings, lines and runes all over the weapon- and opened fire.

However, instead of metal projectiles flying out of the barrels of the weapons and making a large hail of noise, a sigil appeared right in front of the weapons, and energy bolts materialised in the middle of the sigil, and launched themselves right at the dormant shape at high velocities.

As they connected with the shape of the creature, however, a blue barrier appeared, covering its flank, absorbing the energy contained in the bolts. At the same time, the once-dormant creature now slowly rose to its full height of 3.5 metres. It could be described as having the same features as a normal human, but instead of the typical humanoid structure it had a impossibly large body, 4 arms in total and an overly small head. And despite its large bulk, it begun to swing 1 set of arms on its attacks, abeit slowly.

“Target identified: Glarkon, Hostile Spirit. To be eliminated on sight. All units are allowed usage of combat spells.”

As soon as the order was given, the main combatants that were engaging the Glarkon evaded its clumsy attack by jumping to the side, and touched a rune on their weapons. Instantly the large sigil that surrounded the weapon’s barrel turned red, and when one of them aimed it back at the creature, it let out a straight beam that impacted on the barrier, and after it disappeared, a notable dent could be seen on the projected barrier.

After a series of shots and some failed attacks by the Glarkon, it begun to show signs of being enraged, namely by opening its mouth wide and from it, prepared a spell, and fired a large energy beam from the created sigil.

However, right while it was in the middle of activating it, one of the fighters had marched in front of it, and casted a spell which caused the creature to target him specifically, right before it fired, the same person stretched out his arms, and an complicated sigil with a diameter of the length between both arms appeared.

As the creature attacked, the beam was absorbed by a large barrier that was activated by the combatant spell.

As it prepared for another strike, another combatant stretched out her hand and casted a spell on the creature; a series of sigils appeared over the head of the creature and ran over it, illuminating the entire thing in red.

As soon as the monster was highlighted, a devastating amount of energy strikes smashed into the creature, passing through the walls of the structure.

After several seconds, the withering barrage of fire ended, and revealed a massive shape with many massive chunks of material blasted off or damaged. It staggered for few seconds, before crashing back into the stinking pile of garbage.

“Target eliminated.”

“Good job, all of you. Now, prepare for extraction and for a debriefing when we ge-”

At that moment, however, a series of large sigils appeared around the creature’s body.

“Sudden surge in mana usage detected!”

“Huh? What the hell?!?”

“Usage of complex spells detected! Attempting to decipher sequences- multiple types are being used!”

“Warn the trainees to remain in formation, and prepare for possible engagement! Alert the main Hunter Teams too!”

Each team stared nervously at the footage of the strange magical transformation that was shown on their lens.

However as the strange sigils finished their jobs, they simply faded away.


That was the collective state of mind of those that were so intently watching this scene.


The corpse suddenly exploded with a great bang, blowing the teams out and the structure to pieces.

More sigils appeared, and energetic forms of light appeared all around the explosion site.

Soon, a large shape begun taking form in the middle of the entire mess, slowly expanding out to 5, 6, 7…

As the smoke cleared, the form that took shape was more clearly seen. Causing a mass freakout between all that saw it.


At the same time, a young youth, advanced further into the unknown.

Author’s Note

This is what I will be focusing on from now on. Everything else has been cancelled in lieu of the coming year.

Merry Christmas.

Web Novel: fW: A World Without Heroes: Prologue (Final Revision)

Author’s Note

Sorry, but recently, I checked on my original drafts for the Prologue of this series, and honestly felt they were a bit off, being too romantized and all that.

So therefore, here’s a rewrite. This should be better than the two part horror I came up with…


AD 2099, New Years Eve, 2355 hrs, New Genesis, Seventh Beacon Site

In front of a podium, a crowd stood waiting in silence.

Many of them unconsiciously stood with the posture and discipline of soldiers, a form they had adapted for the majority of their lives.

In a tent pitched somewhere off the grounds, a muscular yet slim man was slowly doing the final adjustments to his attire. As he straightened himself, he took one final look into the mirror. “Hmmph.”

At this moment, a middle aged woman, dressed in a dress uniform, slowly slid herself into the tent.

“General? Its time.”

“Punctual as always, Captain.”

“Well, the people outside have fallen into line and are waiting for you, so it would be rude for you to leave them sweating outside, would it?”

“My thoughts exactly.” The General turned around and slid himself out of the tent.

As soon as he appeared, courteous applause sounded throughout the courtyard, and numerous 8-Legged Spider Tanks whirred to live as their operators gave their own form of a salute.

As the General reached the podium, he put up a hand for slience as lights begun illuminating his face.

“Thank you. Well, hello and welcome to the International New Century Celebration. Now I am gonna make a speech before we start our, um celebrations-” the crowd tittered a little,”-so please bear with this old relic for awhile, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Now, as you all remember, we had a pretty large and quite painful history behind, but do forgive me now, as I’m gonna dig this all out of the graves and history books before putting them back.”

“As you may remember, about 60-70 plus years ago, our fore fathers developed several new technologies that changed history severely. These, were as follows: No. 1: Psionics, No. 2: Sub-Atomic Manipulation, and No. 3: Advanced Alloys.” A holoscreen lit up behind him, showing the fruits of such research.

“What is as important, was that at that time, there was a huge cold war ongoing among many nations at that. Literally, everyone were at each others necks, busy fighting over the slowly dwindling resources of the Earth, for the constantly growing human population. In fact, many nations had begun invading smaller nations, and the many organisations that were meant to preserve peace were helpless.”

“So as you know, the situation of that time was like a bonfire simply waiting to be lit. And it was.”

“We remember that day as ‘The Spark’, because that was when figuratively, and literally speaking, someone threw a match on that fire.”

“On that day, a number of viruses was used to hack into the nuclear arsenals of various countries, known as the ‘USA’, ‘China’, ‘India’ and various others. The entire stockpiles of those arsenals were launched and fired at different locations worldwide.”

“With the new technologies, most of them were shot down midair, but sadly, 12 of them made it to their targets.” Several pictures documenting the explosions and the fallout were shown on the screen.

“As a result, the countries now found a reason to directly attack and conquer each other.”

“Thus far you know the rest, the Inferno War happened, a true world war like nothing ever before. Billions of people were displaced from their homes in search of hope, while war and death happened all around them, fueled by rage and ending in sorrow.” Pitiful pictures of the victims of war were shown on the holoscreen.

“The statistics: a estimated 3.2 billion people died in that war, from hunger, disease, the war…and many other causes.”

“Let us now have a minute’s silence, to honor the dead.”

Silence decended upon the crowd, as the people standing there begun to think of their experiences on the battlefields, how they lost fellow friends and family, how their lives had been changed by their hardships…soon, many were sliently grieving in their hearts, and tears could be seen flowing even from the eyes of the most hardened soldier.

“Ok. Now, let us continue.”

“However, within war and despair, there will always be hope. And we, the human race, have hope.”

“And it is with this hope that humanity rose from the ashes. As you recall, 15 years ago, the seeds of peace was planted when 30 warring nations put their weapons away to convene for a discussion to end this war.”

“The Unification Council, as it was first known, was at first seen as a hopeless attempt, like those that preceded it. However, slowly but surely, those nations begun working out things, forming pacts, and begun to end the war.”

“It was on this plot of land that they first finally put things between them to a rest, by agreeing to put their joint efforts to rebuild this fallen city, as well as 6 others.”

“One and a half decades later, you have seen the fruits of their efforts: the world is at peace, each and everyone of us is playing a part in reconstruction, and we have a strong, willing and humble leadership to guide us: the World Government.”

“Therefore, I believe, that for the next century, we will prosper as a species, a people, all united together.”

The general slowly drew a glass bottle from his side, and the people in front of him followed suit, some with canteens, some with bottles, others with simple cups already filled with drink.

The air was suddenly filled with the aura of anticipation and excitement.

“Now, lets leave these thoughts. Lets us welcome a new century…of a new world…with a toast!”

The crowd, all pretence of order and discipline lost, begun screaming out the last few seconds.


“HAPPY 2100 A.D. EVERYONE!!” The general roared with delight.

Screams and cheers rose from the gathered crowd as they begun gulping down juice, wine, beer or any spirit or drink ever concorted. The war machines on each side of the forum fired their weapons, which turned out to be gigantic party poppers, some of which had never been seen of years soon to be forgotten. All around, the crowd dissolved into mad partying, as many celebrated the peace that was to come, some as they celebrated with old comrades, or remembered the souls now lost behind…

Nevertheless, the general looked down at the ongoing madness, and smiled. Beside him, a man and a woman walked up.

“Thank you, General, that was a great speech.”

“Thank you, it was a pleasure getting all that out.”

“We will take over from here.”

The General silently nodded, and walked off the stage. The podium he was talking from begun to slowly slide into the stage itself as he walked to a quieter spot where his personal limo was waiting. Before he stepped in, he turned to look back at the crowd.

“Now would that be what she wanted? And would she agree with me?”



Well well. To think that I would have to rewrite it. I guess even you can get very disatisfied with even your best written stuff.

I’m begging you guys, please give me tips on this…


Newsletter No.2 Back from a trip…and slight adjustments…

Ok, I’m back.

Sorry for all delays, so I’m posting this newsletter to talk about recent events.

Reason why the promises I made last week were not fulfilled was because I had to prepare for a 4D3N trip to Cambodia, as part of a school overseas learning trip, to help out at a certain organisation.


The shelter I was at

This organisation is called the People’s Improvement Organisation, short PIO. They are a small setup that is helping shelter children and educate students, operating just outside of Phnom Penh, overseeing at least 1500 children and their families. I was there to help out in setting up a new playground for their children shelter… And conditions to say they are quite lucky. I had a small chat with the founder, Ms Noun Phymean, and to say, it was really enlightening.

This organisation is also notable as they earned the title of CNN Heroes in 2008, and they have been helped by several patrons over the years since their establishment in 2002. For more info on them, please go to their website, http://www.peopleimprovement.org

Ok, now that is gotten out of the way…

1. Burdens is now on indefinite hiatus. I was writing the draft during my stay in Cambodia…and to say the least, I was not proud of it, and I trashed it.
2. As for my Literary Discussion planned series, I have gotten the idea already… All that is to be done is to write.
3. fW: A World Without Heroes 1st chapter draft is 1 quarter done… Although requiring review.  I might post that excerpt for you guys to review it.

And thats all for now.